The Calendar is a useful tool when it comes to tracking/managing your Events, Blogs, & Promos.

Article Sections:

  • Add New Promo

Accessing The Calendar Options

To Access the Calendar options, Please Follow the Steps Listed Below:

1. In your dashboard menu, select the "Content" module to the left-hand side of your screen.

2. In the drop-down menu, select the "Calendar" option.

Add New Promo

1. In the upper-right header corner click the "Add New" button. This button will open new page on same browser tab which will display the Add Event form.


2. On newly opened page, be sure to select "Promotion" checkbox.


3. Select the "Submit" button when all required fields are completed.



Optional: Return to your Blog / Event / Promo screen and select the blue "Options" button located in the same row as the post you wish to view.

You will then be prompted with a drop-down menu, select the "View Post" option to view existing promos.